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Boarding House Rules

Accommodation is provided in the school boarding for both boys and girls. The boarding house is under the supervision of the principal and the Resident members of the staff.

  1. Boarders are not allowed to keep money or expensive articles with them.
  2. Parents or authorized local guardians are permitted to see the boarders only on the second Saturday/ Sunday (Once in a month) between 10 a.m and 5 p.m.
  3. Other than usual vacations boarders are allowed to go home only once during a term.
  4. A periodical cheek up is made of the health and progress of the boarder’s arid cases requiring special attention will be reported to the parents. In a class of contagious diseases e.g. Chicken Pox, Measles, etc., Guardians may be asked to keep the ward with them till complete recovery in order to prevent the spreading of diseases to other students.
  5. If an illness is of such a nature as to require the service of a specialist, the students must pay the charges, Special medicine or diet will also have to be paid for by the students.
  6. Boarders can obtain their requirement of textbooks, stationery articles, etc. from the school, the price of the same will be charged separately.
  7. Students and boarders (hostelers) are strictly prohibited to bring or keep mobile phones/tablets etc. in the school premises/hostel.
  8. The Principal reserves the right to change or add any rules to the Prospectus when it is felt necessary for the smooth functioning of the school

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